Labour Relations

All trade contractors represented by the Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Guild of Ontario, Inc. (the Guild) are signatory to union agreements for terrazzo, tile and natural stone in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) and Residential construction sectors of Ontario.

ICI Collective Agreements

The Guild is the employer bargaining agent representing all member and non-member signatories in the negotiation and interpretation of the Brick and Allied Craft Union of Canada (BACU) and the Ontario Provincial Council (OPC) Provincial ICI Collective Agreements for marble, tile and terrazzo. The Guild also represents cement masons, resilient floor layers and mason tenders in specified geographical areas in Ontario.

The ICI sector is one of several identified in the Labour Relations Act which governs the conduct of labour relations in the Province. The Guild is responsible for negotiating collective agreements on behalf of signatory employers. Trade contractors who choose not to be a member of the Guild are still bound by the Collective Agreements.

The Guild has a duty of fair representation and makes every effort to keep all terrazzo, tile and marble employer member and non-member signatories informed of labour relations matters.

The Guild’s responsibilities include:

  • Representing employers in collective bargaining with any sector of the industry in any geographic area as defined by the Labour Relations Act or determined by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
  • Acting on behalf of signatory employers in the arbitration of labour disputes arising from the Collective Agreements.
  • Promoting a general employer – employee policy that will lead to a sound and harmonious relationship with any bargaining agent representing employees of the Guild’s member or non-member signatories.
  • Representing or assisting in any action brought by any signatory involving a matter of policy or principle of interest.
  • Representing the interests of employers before legislative committees, board of inquiry and commissions.

Under the Ontario Labour Relations Act, only the Union and the Employer’s bargaining agent can amend the two collective agreements. Rate Schedules form a part of these agreements.

Residential Collective Agreement

The Guild is the employer bargaining agent for employer signatories signed to terrazzo, tile and Marble agreements with BACU or OPC in low rise or high rise construction, where applicable.