Mission Statement

To foster and advance the interests of those who are engaged in, or who are directly or indirectly connected with or affected by, the terrazzo, tile, marble, cement masons and resilient floor layers industry in the Province of Ontario.


To establish and promote a general employer – employee policy which will lead to a sound and harmonious relationship with any bargaining agent/agencies representing employees or members of the Corporation or non-members of the Corporation who authorize the Corporation to act on their behalf.

To represent all members and non-members who authorize the Corporation to act on their behalf:

  • In the negotiation, general application, administration and the interpretation of collective agreements in the arbitration of any labour disputes.
  • In their relations with professional bodies and related associations.
  • Before legislative committees, boards of inquiry, commissions and other similar bodies.
  • Represent, take an interest in, or assist in any action brought by any members or non-members, which action involves a matter of policy or principle of interest to the Corporation.
  • To function as the designated and accredited employers’ organization under the Labour Relations Act and to regulate the regulations between employers and employees in the terrazzo, tile, marble, cement masons and resilient floor layers industry.
  • To represent such employers in collective bargaining with any sector or sectors of the said industry in any geographic area or areas as defined by the Labour Relations Act, or as determined by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
  • To develop and promote methods to improve quality, efficiency, innovation and productivity within the hardsurface industry; to study and implement the development of codes, regulations and specifications pertaining to the industry.


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